Escoffier Dinner at La Table Houston

Celebrating innovation, tradition & french cuisine

After being tasked to create the custom menus for the Escoffier – Houston Chapter Annual Fall dinner, I was immediately excited to see this production come to life. The elaborate eight-course meal with wine pairings and synchronized service prepared for 80 guests was beautiful to watch and a treat to experience. This elegant dinner tradition began in 1961, each year taking place at a new restaurant. This year I had the pleasure of checking out La Table, a chic new french restaurant in Houston…the interior is GORGEOUS and the service is impeccable. Overall, it was a fantastic journey from creating the paper goods to capturing the event in full swing.

A HUGE thanks to:

Maria McGinity, for presenting me with the opportunity
Stephen Conklin, for allowing me into the kitchen to capture the organized chaos
Anthony Esparza, for making sure I had everything I needed
Valerio Lombardorzzi, for giving me all the right cues for each shot